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Buying and selling a property is a big and important step in your life. Although very exciting, this process can also seem pretty daunting at first. There are many tasks to undertake, many details to consider, and many options to choose from. Our mission at Versatile Title and Escrow is to guide you professionally and efficiently through this process in order for you to achieve the best possible outcome. We will assist you in understanding the different legal terms, reviewing contracts, and answering all your questions.

What is Escrow?

Since the process of selling or buying a property entails two sides with different terms and conditions, it is essential for a neutral third party to handle certain aspects of the sale. The Escrow Holder will be in charge of transferring the funds, contracts and other material from the buyer to the seller, and vice versa. The Escrow Holder will assist both sides and sees that the financial transaction is completed. Once all the conditions to the sale are satisfied, the Escrow Agents transfers the payment to the seller, and the title is transferred to the buyer. Versatile Title and Escrow will provide you with these services, from start to finish.

What is a Title & Title Insurance?

A title refers to a person’s right to own a property. There are several processes that need to take place prior to buying or selling a property. There cannot be other claims of ownership towards the property, so that your title as owner will not be compromised. Title insurance sets out to ensure this, as well as to protect you from losing your ownership rights. In the process of buying or selling a property, there is a need to conduct a title search. The purpose of this search is to make sure the stated seller has the legal rights to transfer ownership of the property. The person conducting this search, will go over any public record regarding the property, in order to build a broad picture of the property’s ownership history, as well as its current relevant situation. In this type of search, we look for any indication that the seller might not have the rights to sell the property. This might include past and present debts, different mortgages, cases of foreclosures or any other issues that might come up. Here at Versatile Title and Escrow we are experts at running these types of searches.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance?

Buying a home might be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Since it usually entails spending large amounts of money, and making a long-term commitment, you should step into this process with a clear mind. It is important you protect yourself during this purchase, so this can be an exciting experience. One of the most common ways to protect yourself is utilizing a Title Insurance. This type of insurance protects you or your lender from the option that the seller of the property does not have the legal rights to it, which means any transferring of the property will in fact be illegal. Title insurance provides you with the peace of mind needed when purchasing or lending an apartment. Our experts at Versatile Title and Escrow will happily guide you in this process, helping you along every step of the way, for the best possible outcome.