Title and Escrow Settlement Services

Although our services are not limited to the following, Versatile Title and Escrow, LLC specializes in providing….

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Short Sales

A short sale in real estate occurs when a homeowner sells their property for an amount that is less than the total amount owed on the mortgage(s) secured by the property. In other words, the proceeds from the sale will be “short” of paying off the outstanding mortgage balance(s) and any other liens or debts secured by the property.

In a short sale, the homeowner must work with their lender(s) to obtain approval for the sale, as the lender will ultimately decide whether to accept the sale price and release the lien(s) on the property. Short sales can be complex and time-consuming processes, involving negotiations between the homeowner, the lender(s), and any other lienholders.

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Residential and Commercial Settlements

Residential real estate transactions, settlements typically involve the transfer of single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, or other properties intended for personal use by individuals or families.

Commercial real estate settlements involve properties intended for business or investment purposes, such as office buildings, retail centers, industrial properties, or multi-family residential complexes. 

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Bilingual Closings

Spanish and English

During a bilingual closing, various documents such as the purchase agreement, deed, mortgage documents, title insurance policies, and closing statements may be translated into both Spanish and English. 

Bilingual closings help to promote transparency, clarity, and trust in real estate transactions by . We  provide an inclusive environment where parties can confidently participate and finalize the sale or purchase of real estate propertiesensuring that language barriers do not impede the understanding of important legal and financial matters .

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The Settlement

Once all the details are finalized and agreed upon, the final step is the settlement, also known as the closing.  It essentially seals the deal, and includes both sides signing the purchase contract so that the ownership of the property is transferred to the buying side.  Here at Versatile Title and Escrow we aim to close with confidence, every time.For many the process of buying or selling a home might seem confusing or complicated, and we’re here to assist you from start to finish. From the moment Versatile Title and Escrow, LLC receives the contract, our staff immediately opens an escrow file and systematically prepares the transaction for settlement including the following steps.