We provide title, escrow and settlement services

Here at Versatile Title and Escrow, we aim to provide you with the best possible service so you can close with confidence, every time. We understand that the process of buying and selling a home might seem confusing or complicated, and we’re here to assist you from start to finish. Here are some of the things we do best.

Title Insurance

Title insurance provides you with the peace of mind needed when purchasing a home. This insurance protects you from financial loss caused by different defects or deficiencies regarding the title. With title insurance, you can be protected from any future lawsuits or claims made against you. Versatile Title and Escrow are experts in this field, so you can make sure you are protected.

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Escrow Agent

Drafting an agreement around selling, buying or transferring a property is a detail-oriented process. You’ll be working with one of our friendly and professional agents. The agent will assist you in the negotiation process as well as examining documents that describe the different terms of the sale.

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Closing Services

Congrats! You have reached the last step in the process. Once all the details are finalized and agreed upon, we can move on to the closing process. This part, which essentially seals the deal, includes both sides signing the purchase contract so that the ownership of the property is transferred to the buying side. Here at Versatile Title and Escrow we aim to close with confidence, every time.

Close with Confidence

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