What Is M.i. in Application Form

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Federal regulations require schools to report and disclose specific information about programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. For more information, see the Rules on the Integrity of Federal Programs. Please contact an admissions counsellor for more information on the information disclosed. The forms and applications listed here are only a part of the available forms. Visit your local MDHHS office for forms or applications that are not available online. Application deadline for the start of studies: SPRING 2023 Submission deadline: March 3, 2023 Would you like to answer this thread or ask your own question? Middle Initial (MI) is the initial of a middle name. Example: George W. Bush, here W is the middle initial for Walker. The total cost of the program and student graduation rates can be found at the links below. To view or print PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you don`t have Reader installed on your computer, it`s available for free on the Adobe website. You need to choose a username for the website, which only takes a few moments. After that, you can ask your question and our members will help you.