What Is the Definition for the Word Cultivate

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The Chinese planter often cultivates large fields of plants and employs many hands to maintain and cultivate them. He still wants to maintain it and offers to extend the lease for any number of years and pay the rent on time. And Facebook, under the leadership of Sheryl Sandberg, COO and editor of Lean In, has tried to cultivate a reputation for kindness to parents. Such a policy required Japan to have a very close relationship with the United States, which Abe pursued and cultivated throughout his reign. Farming means nourishing and growing. Farmers grow crops, fundraising professionals grow donors, and celebrities grow their images. Curtis said leaders need to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual care in the workplace, rather than treating team members as disposable productivity units. Since Google pulled out of China in 2010 due to government censorship of search results, China has cultivated a walled garden of apps meant to be used primarily by its citizens. The close ties he would have with America were first passed down from his American mother. Perhaps the general didn`t cultivate his fame as “The Marble Man,” but he deserved it.

The best parts of NFL Combine: advocating on behalf of our players, making new connections, encouraging (and hopefully influencing) the next generation of sports professionals, and continuing to cultivate friendships throughout the league. When you grow something, you work to improve it. Originally, the word only referred to cultures that needed to be changed, but the meaning has expanded. No matter what is grown, the word implies a level of care reminiscent of gardening. Sometimes friendships come naturally and sometimes you have to nurture them. Cultivating requires attention to detail, an understanding of what is being grown, and a lot of patience. High school students participate in QIU Sustainable Agri-Research. We show them how to grow healthy and nutritious greens using different growing techniques and how knowledge and technologies can be applied to improve crop productivity. @qiup_edu @biotechnology @fromfarmtotable pic.twitter.com/3bUuOA9f39 Nothing is more like the most ardent friendship than this knowledge we cultivate for the sake of our love.

I was fortunate that Kevin Lee, who has helped cultivate the research industry in many ways, came to my house and gave an interview in a socially distanced way. The easiest way to cultivate geographical sense is to practice the art of sketch maps. The Chinese cultivate the plant like the Japanese, giving it as much care and attention as the tea plant. Other things can be cultivated, such as skills, interests, or even cultures. In any case, care must be taken to ensure that such things can take root and continue to thrive. Former President Nicolas Sarkozy used it to cultivate right-wing anti-immigrant voters. With Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson is free to cultivate this previously underdeveloped aspect of his abilities. As an extension of the conference activity, Murray said Connect will connect the conferences to the digital reader revenue business the company recently began cultivating last year with the launch of its three-tier paywall. Medieval Latin cultivatus, past participle of cultivare, cultivable cultivus, Latin cultus, past participle of colere to see cult — Kelli Masters Mgmt (@KMMsports) February 29, 2020 Donovan sagt angehenden Journalisten: Wenn du Menschen triffst, behandle sie gut.

Quellen kultivieren.