What Is the Dictionary Definition of Mournful

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They mocked and sounded sad tones without promises, even without hope. Felipe watched over her like a lover; His big, sad eyes followed his every move. A grieving person is someone who is full of grief, like a little girl who has just lost her new puppy. Grief is a word often associated with someone who has witnessed the death of a loved one. A person would feel sad if their loved one had just died. Grief can also describe the expression of sad feelings, such as a person dressed in black sobbing in a handkerchief. You wouldn`t be sad if you just failed a quiz, but you`d be sad if your twenty-year marriage just failed. The Samaritan department store — once great but recently closed at the time of filming — had its own supporting role that hovered over the action like a sad gray ghost. It can be hard to find a sadder meaning in a simple number. It is meditative, sad and gently funny, and also solemn, but in a moderate way. Half an hour later, the island was silent as the grave, but for the sad voices of the wind as it sighed from the sea. “Nothing but oxy and coal here,” says one of the themes of Sean Dunne`s sad documentary Oxyana.

Add grief to one of your lists below or create a new one. A red moon hung over the sad hills, and the stars shone in their myriads. A cold and sad wind blew on the road and ruffled the dark river. These are not hammering melodies, but tender and sad folk songs, a tailor-made genre. This was followed by one of the saddest and most deeply sad images of defeat. The good melodies for setting Hebrew poems to music were Russian and mostly sad. The familiar and sad theme song “Suicide Is Painless” filled the room. The lament of his surrender is both funny and sad. About the infinite, meditative, sad and subtly solemn, reminds us to appreciate the in-between.

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